Gender Equality Policy

Gender Equality Policy 

AFiUK provides a supportive environment for African and other ethnic minority families in the UK to live together in the wider community in an atmosphere of co-operation and inclusiveness. 

As a community we promote understanding, empathy and co-operation. We encourage an ethos of equality of opportunity and strive to challenge discrimination in all forms. 

The Aims of AFiUK:

  • To create an inclusive environment for our clients and staff 
  • To support the spiritual, moral, social and cultural needs of our clients and staff. 
  • To create a supportive environment where our clients and staff feel valued and safe. Bullying is not tolerated. 
  • To ensure that our clients and staff have equal access to effective training and information. 
  • To raise cultural awareness within the wider community 
  • To work in partnership with our immediate and wider community for the greater benefit of our clients. 

Our commitment to challenge discrimination and promote equality for all is demonstrated through our Gender Equality Policy. 

The range of activities detailed in our Gender Equality Policy clearly demonstrates our commitment and determination to promote gender equality. 

This Policy will be regularly monitored, reviewed and developed in line with our core values, client and staff feedback, best practice and legislation. We are confident that by progressing the actions in our Policy we will make accelerated progress in further promoting gender equality within our immediate and wider community. 

Under our Gender Equality Policy we commit to take action to: 
  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination and harassment 
  • Promote equality of opportunity between men and women. 
  • Eliminate unconscious bias in our decision making processes 

We take positive steps to address gender inequality but we understand that there are many barriers that prevent our clients and staff from achieving and making the most of the opportunities we make available. 

This Policy supports our work tackling these many factors that affect positive outcomes. To promote gender equality it is vital that the differences between male and female experiences, attitudes and achievements are understood so that our policies and practices can begin to break down these barriers where they might exist. 

This Policy sets out the work we will take to promote gender equality that will:

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination and harassment 
  • Promote equality of opportunity between men and women, boys and girls. 
  • Result in improved outcomes for girls, boys, male and female clients and staff in all aspects of life, in the immediate and wider community and in employment. 

We set out five areas of outcomes in which to improve the life chances for all our clients and Staff:

  • Be Healthy 
  • Stay safe 
  • Enjoy and achieve 
  • Make a positive contribution 
  • Achieve economic well being 

  • Take a lead in challenging gender based harassment, bullying and violence and stereotyping.
  • Consider gender equality when we plan our work.
  • Build on our positive work around equality for all.
  • Investigate and address complaints of any forms of bullying and/or harassment Monitoring, review and evaluation.
  • Evaluation and review of this Policy will be done as part of our self-evaluation as progress towards meeting this duty is a key part of our business ethos. 

We will monitor by gender in a range of areas including: 

  • Recruitment and career progression of staff 
  • Participation by clients in clubs and groups
  • Feedback of clients and staff